Case Study

McCaul Kitchens




McCaul Kitchens is a family run business established in Crosskeys, Cavan in 1999 by Gerard McCaul.  The company has consistently grown over the years, increasing its showroom and workshop area to over 3000sq foot. 
McCaul Kitchens specialise in bespoke “in-framed” and “lay on” kitchens in both painted hardwood and natural wood finishes. They also specialise in sliding wardrobes, fitted home office furniture and bespoke display cabinets. 





Micheal first visited Gerard at the workshop in early 2009 to do a site visit to access the building and establish how we could help Gerard to

  • Save on their energy bills
  • Save on the running costs of this facility
  • Reduce reliance of fossil fuels


We were delighted to secure a Greener Homes Scheme Grant through S.E.A.I for Gerard in McCaul Kitchens.



In 2009 M&C Hybrid Energy Limited secured a 30% Grant for this busy workshop and showroom and all work began in June 2010.
Micheal and the team installed an 80 kilowatt Wood Chip Boiler with a 2000 litre Buffer Tank.
We disconnected three oil boilers which was costing Gerard approximately 7235.00 euro to run per annum. These three boilers were heating the house, the workshop and the show room.
It was also costing Gerard 480.00 euro for one skip every month to recycle the waste timber from his workshop so when we installed the wood chip boiler and buffer tank, ran new pipe work to the house, workshop and show room Gerard installed a wood chipper to recycle his waste timber on site which he used to burn in the new boiler.





Image result for 80 kilowatt wood chip boiler





Since this was installed ten years ago now, Gerard has made enormous savings.
We eliminated his oil bill of 7235.00 euro in full and also eliminated the cost of 5760.00 euro for the skip hire and waste timber which he was sending to be recycled.





Average Annual Savings:
Oil Savings
Approximately €7235.00
Skip Hire
Approximately €5760.00




Micheal just recently called back to Gerard in McCaul Kitchens to make sure everything was working to order and all is good. Gerard is very happy with all the equipment which we installed and even happier with all the savings he has made.



The job was completed by M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd