Our Home

Our Home which is situated in Mullamagavan, Stradone - Co. Cavan is whats termed a "passive home" meaning rigorous & voluntary ultra high standards for energy efficiency in the building Construction & Ongoing running Costs thus reducing it's/our ecological footprint which results in our low carbon footprint building that requires very little energy to run (7-€800 per annum).

Our home & all systems in the house are open to the public to view to see and understand the benefits we have on offer.

You can contact us anytime to arrange an on-site visit please feel free to call us at anytime.

6 KW Wind Turbine

We have a 6KW wind turbine. The wind turbine produces between 8'000 - 10'000 KWH's which means, our house uses around 4500 KWH's so we can sell the surplus back to the grid.

We have a meter installed called an import/export meter which keeps track of what we use from the grid and what we give back when we are producing power.

Our electricity costs average at around €200 per year, however our turbine generates a credit of €700 - €800 annually with the power we sell back to the grid.


Therminator 2 Pellet Boiler & Solar Support

Thermomator 2 log pellet combination boiler in conjunction with a solar heat support system which provides up to 35% of our heating requirements, and 70% of our annual hot water needs. Even on a cloudy day the solar panels still work.

Pellet Stove - Extraflame

Our Raverage running costs for 6 - 8 hrs a night is around €1.20, also our home was built in 2008 which is an air tight home using a heat recovery system and it replaces the air in our home about 6 times a day and recovers 40% of the heat in our home.

Our house is built from insulated concrete form (ICF) and double glazed windows.
Low energy lighting, A rated appliances are used throughout.

Our annual heating/light/hot water/ etc = €700-800 per year, compared to a standard 3 bedroom block built home home is avg = €5000 per year.

So the advantages of installing some or all of the products we provide speaks for themselves.

Media Interest

Over the years we have had alot of media attention who were interested in showcasing our home and other work that we have carried out nationwide, see a small excerpt below.